Genetic Counsellor Awareness Day

The future of healthcare is personalized, and genetic counselors are at the forefront of this evolution. In honour of Genetic Counsellor Awareness Day, learn more about the profession that helps personalise patient care #IAmAGeneticCounselor


Genetic Counselor Awareness Day 2018 Webinar
Building Communities in Genetic Counseling: Connecting with Others to Move Your Practice Forward – Register Now

Speaker: Janice Edwards, MS, CGC, Clinical Professor and Director, University of South Carolina

Objective 1: Recognize opportunities among the many communities of the genetic counselor
Objective 2: Create synergist relationships to energize mutual goals
Objective 3: Build relationships within and between communities to advance the profession

Genetic Counselor Awareness Day 2017 Webinar Recording

Blazing the Trail: Why Genetic Counselors Must Lead the Genomics Revolution